The difference between Adventure and Exploration

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The words ‘Adventure’ and ‘Exploration are often used interchangeably and by people who do one or the other. The explorers of the ‘golden age of exploration’ were undoubtedly that, explorers of the toughest calibre. But does that mean today’s explorers or adventurers are less tough? And if they are, so what? Well the difference we see is the point that separates not only these two terms but the worth of the second. To explore, is to expand humanities horizons. It’s to push our boundaries past what we’ve known before. And just like all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. All exploration is an adventure, but not all adventures require exploration.


Huw Alpine Exped


It could be said that each are as important as the other. Or that everyone has a personal journey of exploration to live out. And both of these are probably true. But to explore the unknown both physically and mentally through science, technology, engineering and maths is to explore completely. And the next steps of that exploration is anyone’s guess. New findings in the latest theories in physics or to put a human on Mars. To head to the deepest depths of the ocean, or to find a new sustainable energy source? The potential for exploration is endless. And we hope we’re inspiring those explorers that will take the next giant leap for mankind!